Data Center Cleaning

ACDC integrated electrical solutions is able to provide the routine data center cleaning in Abu Dhabi

we provide data centers solutions and services in Abu Dhabi!

ACDC integrated electrical solutions is a leading provider of data center solutions in UAE for infrastructure, network solutions and data center services which includes enterprise computing, dedicated Internet access and colocation. We are committed to provide a high-quality maintenance services as part of creating a value system for their customers, ensuring the proper health and safety for employees & customers. regarding our belief that quality is a continuous improvement process; ACDCIS is driven by quality assurance to achieve and exceed customer expectations.

Why do you need Data Center Cleaning?

ACDC integrated Electrical Solutions is committed to provide cleaning services to the sensitive infrastructure to prevent the failure of devices and equipment if, for example dust could cause equipment fail which results eventually in putting customers’ data at risk. therefore, that would cost them huge financial loses.

we are able to provide: 

Deep cleaning

Pre cleaning

Wall Surface Cleaning

Cable tray

Cabinets skin Cleaning

Units and equipment

Floor Surface Cleaning & Vacuuming

Door & Glass cleaning

Internal racks cleaning

Disinfection touch points (Handover)

Test & Report as per ISO 14644

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