Annual Maintenance Contracts

ACDC integrated electrical solutions Annual Maintenance Contract for Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) including assurance of backup time, serviceability of the UPS, checking the operating system and last but not least replacement of broken parts. on the other hand, Health and Safety is maintained by adhering the HSE regulations, the use of proper PPE’s training, and awareness about job hazards and risks.

we provide data centers solutions and services in Abu Dhabi!

ACDC integrated electrical solutions is a leading provider of data center solutions in UAE for infrastructure, network solutions and data center services which includes enterprise computing, dedicated Internet access and colocation. We are committed to provide a high-quality maintenance services as part of creating a value system for their customers, ensuring the proper health and safety for employees & customers. regarding our belief that quality is a continuous improvement process; ACDCIS is driven by quality assurance to achieve and exceed customer expectations.

Why do you need an Annual Maintenance Contract with ACDC?

ACDC integrated Electrical Solutions is committed to provide a high quality maintenance services as part of creating a value system for our customers; ensuring the proper health and safety for the employees and customers. to achieve customer’s satisfaction and assure the reliability of the provided services for their own customers. When signing the contract with ACDCIS we are dedicated to Emergency visits within 3 hours (if total shutdown) and 24 hours (if attending fault alarm of UPS), alongside the agreed upon routine visits.

Safety and Security

  • Check availability of fire extinguisher, emergency exit, evacuation plan, and emergency contact person.
  • Check installation and ventilation
  • Check battery temprature, cables and boards

Cost Control

  • Verify UPS cabinet for mechanical damages
  • Clean external part of UPS units and removal of accumulated dust
  • Check tightness of all battery connections

Risk Assessment

  • Inspect boards and wiring for heat damage
  • Check correct operation of cooling fan
  • Check battery temprature
  • Note and report all defects
  • Note production year of batteries, leaking inspection, oxidation on poles, and other physical battery damages.
  • Measuring time of fault

Avoid Power Interruptions

  • Measure and record in/out voltages, frequencies and currents as well as battery system charging voltage and current
  • Check battery discharge voltage and current
  • Check battery temprature
  • Verify correctness of power supply voltages
  • Check bypass, input line to neutral voltage, input line voltage, input frequency

Increase Lifespan

  • Check cable connections between equipment and electronics boards
  • Inspect boards and wiring for heat damage
  • Surveys after job done to understand the weakness and opportunities

schedule now for an inspection visit!

To sign an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) with ACDC Integrated Electrical Solutions – Abu Dhabi – UAE. we have to follow certain steps; starting from visiting the location to inspect the operating system, deciding the requirement and settling the number of visits (routine and emergency)

Please note that the scheduled visits made on the same day will be postponed to (1-2 working days) according to our schedule.

You can contact us directly for more details via our email or by phone. 

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