(10 kVA - 20 kVA)

MEMOPOWER Pro-III Series, online double conversion uninterruptible power supply, supported by  N+X parallel redundancy, maximum 4 units in parallel, including a multiple communication interface: RS232/RS485/USB/EPO / Dry contact port (Relay card/SNMP card/Parallel cable/Battery temperature sensor optional), with a maximum charging current up to 18A (Settable).

Other related series

MEMOPOWER-III Three Phase to Single Phase (10 kVA – 20 kVA)

  • N+X parallel redundancy, support maximum 4 units in parallel
  • Online double conversion with DSP control
  • Optimization battery group, the quantity of battery:16/18/20pcs (32~40pcs supportable)
  • Wide input voltage range:208~478Vac
  • Wide input frequency range :40Hz~70Hz
  • Input current harmonic:<3%
  • Dual input source (Optional)
  • Maximum charging current up to 18A (Settable)
  • Support 3/1 and 1/1 operation
  • Generator compatible
  • ECO mode operation for energy saving
  • Design with maintenance switch
  • Cold start
  • Intelligent fan speed regulation
  • Self-testing when UPS startup
  • 50/60Hz frequency converter mode
  • Colorful 2.4 inch TFT LCD display and 7 inch LCD display LCD are optional
  • Multiple protection function: short-circuit, overload, overheat, battery overcharge and over discharge, output low voltage and
  • fan fault alarm
  • Multiple communication interface: RS232/RS485/USB/EPO/Dry contact port (Relay card/SNMP card/Parallel cable/Battery temperature sensor optional)

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