AEC SERIES IST 7 (Modular)

Expandable online modular UPS three-phase of AEC, double conversion tower UPS in powers starting from 50kVA up to 200kVA. The UPS IST7 series uses a centralized modular design, enabling future expansion of the UPS. IST7 UPSs are available in two sizes, from 50kVA to 120kVA and from 160kVA to 200kVA. They are directly configurable from the display, wide flexibility in the number of batteries and high overload capacity.

Are you looking for AEC Series IST 7 Double conversion UPS ?

IST 7 Series Key Features:

  • Three-phase double conversion online UPS with 3-level IGBT rectification technology and can be switched on site from 50 up to 200kVA
  • Transformer-less output power factor 1 saving on energy consumption and saving a lot of space in server rooms
  • Double conversion online UPS with modular design, efficiency over 96%, accepts unbalanced loads up to 100%
  • Modular design allows for faster and safer maintenance and repair operations, thus reducing all labor costs by 50%
  • Full digital interconnection, advanced dual DSP control technology, fast error self-diagnosis, full redundancy coverage, no single point of failure
  • Innovative self-cleaning function that periodically expels dust from the module reducing breakdowns by 30%. 
  • Built-in black box that regularly records waveforms on the display

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