Uninterruptible Power Supply

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What is Uninterruptible Power Supply?

Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS), or as often called Battery Backups are electricity power sources that supplies critical infrastructures such servers / data centers of stores, hospitals, startup companies as well as huge firms with stable power when the main power source fails or voltage drops Voltage or Loss. whether thus interruptions are intentional, unintentional or caused by violent natural disasters such as earthquakes and thunderstorms for example.

Why do you need a Uninterruptible Power Supply?

an Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) provides critical infrastructures with clean and continuous power, voltage and current frequency. To avoid damaging downtime of servers / data centers and eventually data loss. The aim is to to be expend the lifespan of every single device operating, as well to avoid expensive mistakes since any unexpected interruption can lead to damaging down time & data loss.

What are the types of Uninterruptible Power Supply provided by ACDC?

The Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) comes in different ranges and capabilities, with conversion rack / tower installation. All is based on the space, the location, and how critical an infrastructure is.

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Line-Interactive UPS

A suitable solution for private individuals, start-ups and small businesses. The uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) Line-interactive was developed to provide an excellent quality and price ratio. ACDC supplies a wide variety of options and brands including AEC, KSTAR, and others.

Online Transformer Less Commercial UPS

a perfect solution for limited spaces, where the online transformer less commercial UPSs utilize advanced digital technology for uninterruptible interconnection through supplying high-efficiency and high-power density.

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Modular UPS

The Modular/industrial UPS delivers continuous power to critical infrastructures such as data centers infrastructure and process control environments. Supplying maximum power protection; using less energy consumption, with a small footprint delivering significant energy saving.

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