KSTAR Room Cooling Unit MatrixAir TM Series

The MatrixAir™ precision cooling system has been developed to meet the increasing demand for ultra-efficient and large capacity. It is a room-based cooling system that can deliver efficient, precise, reliable control of room temperature, humidity and airflow for the proper operation of critical electronic equipment. A wide range of standard units offered from 25 KW to 300 KW in up-flow & downflow configurations.

Patent fan design can save up to 30% energy when compared with competitor units, helping data center services facilities deliver best-in-class PUEs. Optional cooling source boosts cooling system availability and reliability for data center environmental monitoring system

KSTAR Room Cooling Unit MatrixAir TM Series Key features

  • Total cooling capacity: 25kW~300kW
  • Power-saving and environment-friendly technology
  • 7 kinds of cooling types
  • Many components can be replaced with different type according customer’s requirement
  • Modular structure design eases the transportation 、installation and services
  • Patent fan design can reduce 30% energy. The fan supports sinking deployment and non-sinking deployment
  • R407 refrigerant, and also compatible with R22 refrigerant (low cost)
  • Fluorine pump can save more than 50% energy by using nature cold source

Note :
● Parameter table
Air/water cooled unit data based on 24°C,50%RH indoor return air temperature.
Chilled water unit data based on 24°C,50%RH indoor return air temperature。The inlet and outlet water temperature of chilled water are 7°C and 12°C。
Electirc heating adopts three-level hierarchical control
●The power supply type:380`415V/3p/50Hz
●We can provide other customized product.If you need more information for data center solutions, please contact us.
●Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

Air MT***UDUnit2530354555405060708090100
Water MT***
AC Fan 
Air volumem³/h750080008500130001500012500140001800018500210002300025000
DX Total Cooling
DX Sensible Cooling
DX Sensible heat raio/0.910.950.920.940.950.920.920.940.90.950.920.91
CW  Total Cooling
CW Sensible Cooling
CW Sensible heat raio/0.920.90.890.890.90.880.
Water flow capacitym3/h4.755.587.139.7510.539.3310.1411.5511.9914.0316.818.21
Pressure dropKpa51.675.393.385.59977.692.262.26897.4104.8124.1
EC Fan 
Air volumem³/h780083008800135001540013200146001870019300216002390026000
DX Total Cooling
DX Sensible Cooling
DX Sensible heat raio/0.930.960.940.960.960.950.940.960.930.960.940.93
CW  Total Cooling
CW Sensible Cooling
CW Sensible heat raio/0.930.
Water flow capacitym³/h4.95.77.31010.79.610.411.812.314.317.218.6
Pressure dropKpa5478958910282966571100109126
Heating capacity
Heating capacity
Humidifying capacity
Humidifying capacity 
Number of compressorsPcs111112222222
Number of fanPcs111222222333
Full-load Current
(Air cooled and
 chilled water)
Full-load  Current
(Water cooled and
 chilled water)
Size of inlet and
outlet water pipes
Unit Weightkg400470480640650700730800810102010401140
Unit Widthmm85012001200165016501650165020102010246024602810
Unit Depthmm850850850850850850850850850850850850
Unit Heightmm196019601960196019601960196019601960196019601960

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