Data Centers Room Precision Cooling by ACDC Integrated Electrical Solutions UAE

In-row cooling technology is a type of air conditioning system commonly used in data centers where the cooling units are placed between the server cabinets in a row; offering hot aisle/cold aisle utilization. 

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ACDC proudly provide cooling technologies in UAE

Brands with strong reputation such as KSTAR™ has been chosen to be supplied by ACDC UAE for their excellent quality/price ratio. We are passionate about what we do which motivates us to conduct a continuous search to find the best solutions for our clients. There we are able to provide you with the best solutions to maintain the protection against overheating and sudden power interruptions.

KSTAR Room Cooling Unit
MatrixAir TM Series

The MatrixAir™ precision cooling system has been developed to meet the increasing demand for ultra-efficient and large capacity. It is a room-based cooling system that can deliver efficient, precise, reliable control of room temperature, humidity and airflow for the proper operation of critical electronic equipment. A wide range of standard units offered from 25 KW to 300 KW in up-flow & downflow configurations.

Patent fan design can save up to 30% energy when compared with competitor units, helping data center services facilities deliver best-in-class PUEs. Optional cooling source boosts cooling system availability and reliability for data center environmental monitoring system

Key Features:

  • Total cooling capacity: 25kW~300kW
  • Power-saving and environment-friendly technology
  • 7 kinds of cooling types
  • Many components can be replaced with different type according customer’s requirement
  • Modular structure design eases the transportation 、installation and services
  • Patent fan design can reduce 30% energy. The fan supports sinking deployment and non-sinking deployment
  • R407 refrigerant, and also compatible with R22 refrigerant (low cost)
  • Fluorine pump can save more than 50% energy by using nature cold source
KSTAR Line-Interactive UPS

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