Data Centers In-Row Precision Cooling by ACDC Integrated Electrical Solutions UAE

In-row cooling technology is a type of air conditioning system commonly used in data centers where the cooling units are placed between the server cabinets in a row; offering hot aisle/cold aisle utilization. 

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ACDC proudly provide cooling technologies in UAE

Brands with strong reputation such as KSTAR™ has been chosen to be supplied by ACDC UAE for their excellent quality/price ratio. We are passionate about what we do which motivates us to conduct a continuous search to find the best solutions for our clients. There we are able to provide you with the best solutions to maintain the protection against overheating and sudden power interruptions.

KSTAR In-Row Cooling
Unit-FocusAir Family

With advanced cooling technology, Kstar FocusAir in-row based precision air conditioning unit has compact size and real-time temperature monitoring. It allows humidity control and precision cooling close to the server heat source for the most efficient and effective operation. It is available in three widths, 300mm, 400mm and 600mm, capacities from 25 kW to 70 kW and in system formats of air, water, glycol, chilled water and etc. Adjustable airflow baffles allow you to more precisely direct airflow within the row. 

Key Features:

  • Total cooling capacity: 25kW~70kW
  • Multiple Temperature sensors compatibility.
  • directly control the supply air temperature.
  • Cabinet’s dimensions matching, supporting top and bottom pipes.
  • Includes Inverter compressor, EC fan and electronic expansion valve
  • Dynamic coordination output
  • Easy to replace redundant fan design without affecting cooling.
  • Featuring fluorine pump can which save more than 50% energy by using natural cold source.
KSTAR Line-Interactive UPS

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