KPS™ Measuring Instruments

High quality Spanish made electrical measuring instrument for engineers and data centers Now available by ACDC integrated electrical solutions in Abu Dhabi

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ACDC integrated electrical solutions is a leading provider of data center solutions in UAE for infrastructure, network solutions and data center services which includes enterprise computing, dedicated Internet access and colocation. We are committed to provide a high-quality maintenance services as part of creating a value system for their customers, ensuring the proper health and safety for employees & customers. regarding our belief that quality is a continuous improvement process; ACDCIS is driven by quality assurance to achieve and exceed customer expectations.

Why do you need high quality KPS™ measuring instruments?

Under KPS brand, we provide solutions for the electrical market, always with the highest levels of quality and performance. We conceive and engineer electrical measuring instruments to comply the most demanding European standards, as well our high-performance digital clamp meters, multimeters and testers are developed to cover the requirements of any electrical installation. KPS testing and measuring equipment’s are manufactured in Spain, 3 years warranty, advanced smart technologies, highly competitive price compared to other brands in the market, ISO certified, with a wide range of reliable products to cover all requirements..

Various categories of measuring instruments under KPS™

(1) Power Quality Analyzers;
(2) Multifunction testers;
(3) Thermal Cameras;
(4) Earth Resistance testers;
(5) Insulation testers;
(6) Digital clamp meters;
(7) Flexible current probe meters
(8) Digital Multimeters;

(9) Voltage testers;
(10) Circuit testers;
(11) LCR testers;
(12) Environmental testers;
(13) Temperature meters;
(14) Industrial meters;
(15) Cables, test leads and thermocouples;

Digital Clamp Meters

KPS has developed a range of clamp meters for specific applications, which cover the requirements of the professionals working in the industrial, HVAC and solar sectors.

  • Resistance, capacitance and Temperature measurements
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • High Frequency rejection function
  • Display backlight
  • Low battery display
Solar Clamp Meter
Clamp meter for HVAC application
Digital Clamp Meter with open jaw

Digital Multimeters

The development of multimeters with the most modern technologies, incorporating the SMART function or communication with Android and iOS devices, facilitates measurement, avoiding errors, and recording the data obtained.

  • Suitable for Industrial or Solar applications
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • High frequency rejection
  • Pocket size
  • Auto range, auto-off, and low battery display
TRMS Digital multimeter with communication via app
TRMS Digital Multimeter with USB connection
Digital Multimeter

Power Quality Analyzer

Powerful, portable network analyzer developed for professional analysis of consumption and power quality of the most complex electrical networks.

  • Data storage through an external SMD card (8Gb)
  • Communication to PC through USB port
  • Optional accessories and spare parts
  • External power supply and adapters
  • Large (68×68 mm ) and efficient LCD display
Power Quality Analyzer

Digital/Infrared Thermometers

Temperature measurement is instrumental in various applications such as electrical installations, checking overloads or overheating of the elements of a circuit, or in construction, to detect thermal bridges.

  • Non-contact infrared thermometer
  • Data hold
  • USB communication
  • Temperature in Kelvin, Celsius, & Fahrenheit
  • Auto-off & low battery display
Digital Thermometer
1 Channel
Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

Current Probe meters

Perform current measurements on electrical busbars using the flexible probe.

  • Fully automatic measuring of AC current, AC/DC voltage, Resistance and Frequency
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Auto ranging
  • LED indicator Ergonomically designed one-hand operation
  • Slide switch to change range Voltage output to universal voltage meters
Bluetooth All-in-one Flexible Current Probe Meter

Ground Resistance Meters

The new KPS earth meters are professional equipment’s that allow the resistance of earthing to be checked using 2 or 3-pole methods according to the European standard EN61557-5.

  • 2-pole or 3-pole measurement method
  • Continuity test
  • Data hold
  • Earth voltage measurement
  • Auto-off display, backlight, and low battery display
Earth Resistance tester

Insulation meters

Insulation is a safety element that has the purpose of avoiding contact with
live parts. Therefore, the insulation test reveals possible failures caused by
contamination, humidity, deterioration of the insulation material, etc.
KPS insulation meters allow insulation tests to be carried out with
voltages up to 1kV and 5 kV respectively.

  • DC/AC voltage and resistance measurement
  • Programmable timer
  • MAX/MIN/AVG values. relative measurement
  • DAR/PI calculation
  • Insulation tester (50V, 100V, 250V, 500V and 1000V)
Insulation tester up to 1kV

Other KPS™ Measuring Instruments

KPS™ is a leader in the manufacture, distribution and service of measuring instruments. producing high-performance digital electrical measuring instruments to comply with the most demanding European standards. click on the following button to download the products catalog of KPS™ Measuring Instruments.

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