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ACDC Integrated Electrical Solutions in United Arab Emirates

ACDC Integrated Electrical solutions is an emerging company in Abu Dhabi as one of UPS suppliers and Data Centre Solutions providers. Powered by international leading brands, professional integrator and manufacturer of the data center infrastructure companies; Including but not limited to Precision cooling air conditioner, power distribution devices, batteries, network server cabinet, and as well as environmental monitoring system. But also we are devoted to the innovation and development of the thorough solution for product lines relevant to renewable energy solution; such as PV inverter, PV Array Smart Combiner Box, anti-feedback boxes, DC distribution cabinets, power storage, and monitoring.

we provide data centers solutions!

uninterruptible power supplies

uninterruptible power supplies

electrical devices providing emergency power when the power supply or mains power fails. The UPS provides a fast and immediate protection against input electricity interruptions by storing energy from battery power, supercapable power or flywheels. we provide multiple models that perfectly fit the needs of our clients. whether critical infrastructures such as data centers, small businesses/companies and individuals

Data Centers Battery Backups

Different High-Quality brands of UPS battery backups, for indoor and outdoor installations, with high operating temperature. flexible range of energy charge, ranges from 7Ah to 200Ah. The variety of batteries technologies consists of lead-acid, Lithium and gel batteries.

KPS™ Measuring Instruments

KPS™ is a high quality/performance Spanish brand which provides solutions for the electrical market. The ISO certified & reliable products of KPS™ are manufactured to be advanced/smart technologies that cover all requirements for a competitive price.

Noonee™ Chair-less Chair

A new and revolutionary breathable and comfortable material and design of textile such as belt, seat pads, leg straps, shoe connectors and west to help reducing the body weight of workers by 25% to increase their performance. only applicable for users from 1,50m to 2,00m

Precision Cooling

Especially designed Cooling System differs from usual AC’s for many factors; first, they were designed to handle higher heat. and nevertheless creates a great air flow with volume at higher speeds than standard AC’s

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