What to consider when choosing / Buying the right UPS

Of course, plenty of features and technical specs differ from a specific UPS (uninterruptable power supply than the others). An expert engineer will definitely help you choose the perfect match for your business. therefore we at ACDC integrated electrical solutions – UAE, Abu Dhabi consults you to consider the following 4 key consideration before buying your next uninterruptable power supply

The Size Matters !

First you have to assess which IT or digital gadgets the UPS and battery backup are serving. The strength intake of IT servers, computer systems and workstations, and networking gadget are apparent locations to start. 

Still, you may additionally need to consist of different gadgets which are important to the daily operation of the business, e.g., factor of sale gadget and safety systems, amongst others.

Assess what packages every element helps and the way the lack of that software will have an effect on your organization. 

For every tool to be linked to the UPS, decide the strength intake (watts) of that tool. Power intake can normally be acquired from the gadget nameplate or OEM documentation. The required UPS potential is the sum of the strength intake of the gadgets to be linked to the UPS.

Assess the required UPS back up time in case of power loss for all the critical loads. 

If you’ve got a generator for prolonged backup power, the specified runtime of the UPS may also best be some minutes approx. (five minutes) to soundly start-up and transition to the generator. 

On the opposite hand, your number one aim can be to have sufficient runtime (five to ten minutes) to soundly shutdown servers and workstations to keep away from any records loss or corruption. Or, for a few applications, along with networks and Internet access (very essential those days), you can need to have 1 to two hours of runtime for you to experience through maximum outages. 

Keep in thoughts that, in general, the extra gadget you hook up with a UPS, the shorter its usual runtime will be. An opportunity can be to apply separate UPS’ for sure applications.


inductive or resistive load ?

Determine the type of load, inductive or resistive load. The selection of the UPS type is determined by the current liner or non linear Its recommended not to use non-linear loads with linear loads. For non-linear loads industrial UPS is required

Installation Requirement

Consider UPS installation requirements (eg room size heat load of the room, size of the cable etc).

Last but not least; the brand & the model

UPSs come in a different form-factors which includes types and size of the UPS; For example, Tower models are standalone units that sit on the floor, or a desk or shelf. on the other hand Rack-mount UPSs are designed to fit in a standard 19-inch IT rack with other IT equipment. Rack-mount UPSs vary in size, and their height is measured by how many vertical slots it occupies in the rack. “U” is the unit for measuring one rack slot and it is 1.75 inches. UPSs designed to apply lithium-ion batteries have a tendency to be smaller and lighter than comparable models that use conventional lead-acid batteries, permitting you to extra backup electricity capability within side the identical space – or the identical capability in a smaller space.

following are some UPSs provided by ACDC Integrated Electrical Solutions which comes in Rack and Tower models:

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