What might be causing UPS to overheat?

To answer this question “What might be causing UPS to overheat?”. Below, is a list of possible factors – in our opinion -that might stand as causes for your UPS to overheat.

1) UPS Embedded Parts

The critical parts of UPS system are the batteries which carries the Load and, in some cases, might be the Capacitors, they can overheat and cause thermal runaway. 

2) Lack of performing routine maintenance

Planned Preventative maintenance is important and crucial to keep the UPS working and not causing catastrophic event.

3) No Online testing

 By checking the impedance of the battery and voltage using online battery tester you can avoid many major failures.

4) The Old might ruin The New

 While replacing the batteries, make sure that the new Battery string is not connected to a very old underperformer battery which might cause the full load transfer to the new batteries.

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